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How to make an initial assessment of your own house

If you suspect that your house has suffered or is suffering from ground movement then pay particular attention to the following points:

1. Are any of the doors or windows in the house sticking or jamming? If you ease them by planing off part of their edge, do they jam again?

2. Is there an area of wallpaper in the house that is rucking or rippling where it was previously flat?

3. Are there signs of cracking to the internal plastering that are either fresh movements or enlargements of existing cracks?

4. Examine the external brickwork. Are there any signs of fresh cracking, or perhaps old cracks that may have opened recently? If there are any signs of clean brick in any part of the crack then the movement may be recent.

5. Have you any reason to believe that the drains are not working properly or a water main is leaking? Does the external gulley take far longer to drain than previously? Have you undertaken a drain survey and found cracks or dislocations in them?

If one or more of the above relates to your house then it may be suffering from movement in its foundations. It is a cause for concern, but not panic. Most houses are insured against subsidence and most insurance companies are helpful and supportive in dealing with this type of claim. It is important to register your concerns with the insurance company as soon as possible. It is also important to enlist the help of a suitably qualified and experienced professional in both researching the problem and progressing any claim that might arise. You should ensure that you are being advised by either a chartered structural engineer or a qualified specialist in foundation movement, and whoever is advising you must be fully insured. Subsidence Management Ltd is a specialist company that only deals with subsidence. We have a full range of qualified professionals who can deal with all aspects of your problem from initial assessment to certification of completed repairs, You will find our personnel helpful and friendly and happy to explain to you exactly what is involved in dealing with your particular problem.

Our service includes

1. Inspections, assessments and the preparation of reports.
2. Monitoring of damage and assessment of possible long-term effects. 3. Commissioning and assessing drain surveys.
4. Geological surveys and interpretation of the results.
5. Design and procurement of remediation works in order to arrest continuing movement.
6. Design, specification and procurement of repairs to the superstructure.
7. Procurement of any necessary works and the administration of the contracts on site.
8. Certification of payments and certifying the work once complete.
9. Help with your insurance claim

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