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Repairs to Structural Damage

Where the fabric of a building has been damaged by ground movement the first requirement is that the soundness of the structure must be reinstated. Where brickwork has cracked it is essential that the strength is restored. Where damage is severe this can sometimes only be achieved by taking down the brickwork and rebuilding it again. In lesser cases the brickwork may be repaired by injecting resins into the cracks and effectively gluing the brickwork back together again. When carried out correctly it can produce joints that are stronger than the bricks themselves.

Any part of a building may suffer damage due to ground movement. To all outward appearances the damage is similar i.e. cracks in the brickwork and distortions in the general fabric. However, the function of the affected parts has a significant effect on the type of repair that may be required. Important load bearing elements require a structural repair whilst lesser elements might receive only cosmetic and weatherproof repairs.

There are a number of proprietary repairs to brickwork and concrete that are presently available. These usually involve the introduction of steel reinforcement to the masonry and locking it in place using either resins or cement-based materials. Many of these processes are more effective than the earlier types of repair, and some specialist installers are able to give a sound, insurance-backed guarantee to their work.

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